Web Site: www.x-feds.com

Core Competencies: X-FEDS provides design, engineering, integration, analysis, program and project management, operational and technical consulting services and solutions tailored to client needs.


Functional Area Experience:

FA 3.12 – Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support

Space and Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR) Program Office (PMW-160) Support

X-FEDS provides network engineering, technical and programmatic services to Tactical Networks Program Office (PMW 160). X-Feds provides services for the design, engineering, acquisition, integration cross domain solutions, delivery, and support of network infrastructure. It also entails demonstration, experimentation, test and evaluation services; and analysis to assist in the successful execution of existing and planned programs. Programs supported include the CENTRIXS, Network Management System (NMS), ISNS, CANES, Naval Global Directory Services (NGDS), Personal Computer (PC) Project, Common PC Operating System Environment (COMPOSE), SCI Networks, SUBLAN, Shipboard Wide-Area Network (SWAN) and ADNS.