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Core Competencies: IVIS PSC, Inc. provides its clients with state of the art management approaches and tools to achieve measurable improvements in defining and reaching their goals, while conserving resources

Functional Area Experience:

FA 3.16 – Logistics Support

Air Force Logistics Materiel Control Activity (LMCA) Support

IVISPSC supports the LMCA at the Detachment 5, Air Force Research Laboratory (Det 5 AFRL), Brooks City- Base Texas and Tri-Service Research Laboratory (TSRL), Ft Sam Houston Texas. IVISpsc provides all administrative, training, Automatic Materiel Control System (AMCS), customer support, equipment control, material handling, pickup and delivery, receiving and storage, logistics support and bench stock necessary to create and maintain a smooth and continuously functioning LMO operation at Detachment 5, Air Force Research Laboratory (Det 5, AFRL), Brooks City-Base Texas, IAW Air Force directives


FA 3.18 – Training Support

Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Deputy for Contracting (DAC) Support

IVIS, provided training, career development and facilitation support to the MDA/DAC. DAC provides acquisition advice, guidance and contracting support to MDA program offices through all phases of the acquisition process. IVISpsc designed acquisition tools such as briefing materials, memoranda and documentation templates, best practice informational packages and a variety of acquisition training materials. IVIS developed, organized and conducted group training sessions for MDA staff, program teams and other personnel as requested by the client.


FA 3.20 – Program Support

Department of Transportation, Intelligent Transportation System, Joint Program Office Support

IVISPSC provides assistance to the DOT ITS JPO in the areas of program management, software programming, systems engineering and analysis services, publication management, and general administrative, operations and technical support for program tasks including ITS Architecture and Standards Support, ITS Program Assessment Support, ITS Management Information Systems Support, Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems (IVBSS) Support, ITS Initiatives Management Support, Special Project Support, ITS Database Administration, ITS Publication Administration, Contracts Administration, ITS Advisory Committee and Management Council Support.


FA 3.21 – Functional and Administrative Support

General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Regional Counsel Support

IVISPSC supports the GSA Office of Regional Counsel – Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. IVIS prepares and assembles documents, including necessary transmittal forms and envelopes, in accepted office format pursuant to court rules for timely mailing, submission to courts, boards, and commissions (United States District Court, GSBCA, MSPB, and EEOC) and service on others as appropriate.

Subcontractor (IVISPSC) – Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE)

IVISPSC provides a full range of multifunctional administrative services in support of the AFCEE mission. The AFCEE goal is to provide excellent customer service to its worldwide customers including Air Force MAJCOMs, Air Force installations, and other AFCEE customers. IVIS duties consist of a direct interface with the AFCEE Chief Financial Officer to ensure timely and effective management of the Budget Office’s workflow, manpower resource tracking, leave schedule planning, suspense tracking, analysis of resource expenditures, and performance of special analytical assignments made by the AFCEE Chief Financial Officer.