We Perform Professionally.

We treat every person with respect, with patience, and a willingness to help.

We listen.

We strive to understand the problem, or the need, before we act.

We Support Each Other.

We maintain an environment that fosters opportunity for each and every person to maximize his or her potential. Through individual success the team succeeds.

We Inform.

Whether it is keeping our customers, our team leader, or our teammates informed, we minimize the need for them to ask where or when.

We Manage Expectations.

We keep our customers and management informed on progress, timelines, and outcomes.

We Anticipate.

We look for problems before they occur and either bring them to the appropriate person’s attention or fix them ourselves.

We Minimize Surprises.

By keeping our customers, teammates, and our management informed, we minimize the potential for surprises.

We Ask.

If we don’t understand the task, we ask for clarification; if we are having problems, we ask for help.

We Strive To Improve.

We constantly evaluate our own performance. We are open to feedback and are non-defensive.

We Enjoy What We Do.

We are passionate about solving our customer’s problems by creating and maintaining an environment that is positive and supports success.