aXseum Solutions and CIS Federal Combine Forces!

ALEXANDRIA, VA – CIS Federal, Inc. (CIS) is happy to announce its acquisition as a wholly-owned subsidiary of aXseum Solutions, LLC, a leader in Project Management, Capacity Building, Energy, Financial Infrastructure, IT Services, Training and Education, Human Resources, and Transparency.

This strategic acquisition will combine aXseum’s strengths in worldwide logistics, IT, and large-scale government projects for defense agencies with CIS’ focus on defense and civilian agencies to broaden and enhance aXseum’s service portfolio. Combining both companies’ approach to customer service and uniting their bases of experience will facilitate surpassing client expectations more easily.

CIS is now an affiliate of aXseum and both companies will continue to do what they do best and will now provide value-added services for the benefit of each other’s respective clients. This capability will allow both companies to forge even stronger value propositions for the federal communities that they serve.

CIS’ team, strategy, and core leadership will continue in the operation of the firm as will their demonstrated commitment to their partners, clients, and client missions.

Michael Perez, the current CEO of aXseum and the new owner and CEO of CIS, states that, “CIS personnel are well known for displaying industriousness, conscientiousness, and diligence in performing tasks.  Together, aXseum and CIS will continue providing the highest standards of excellence routinely surpassing client expectations.  The combination of a broader market position and the outstanding past-performance from both companies creates a strong platform from which to emerge as the federal budget begins to normalize.”

Douglas van Norden, COO of CIS, on the compatibility of the two companies, stated, “Our firms’ clients will benefit from this newly expanded palette of capabilities – as well as from the fresh creative energy that this thoughtful fusion of offerings makes possible.”

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aXseum Solutions, LLC founded in 2002, is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and conducts business in locations around the country and world. aXseum is a  Minority-owned ISO 9001:2008 certified small business with expertise in Project ManagementCapacity BuildingEnergyFinancial InfrastructureIT ServicesTraining and EducationHuman Resources, and Transparency.

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Michael Perez

Chief Executive Officer


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